Privacy Policy
Chengdu Tsixi Tech Co.Ltd pays much attention to the protection of the users’ privacy. Please read the statements as follows before you enjoy our service.

Tsixi will use your personal information to provide you a more accurate and specific service with the methods below. However, Tsixi won’t reveal or offer the information to the third-party without your permission.

Tsixi collects your personal information in the condition that you are willing to select the service or offer us the information. Furthermore, we will integrate the information in order to provide you a better service. Please supply us the correct and the detailed information when you are registering and refresh the information constantly. You should be responsible for the problems caused by the false registration information. Please don’t give your account or password to the others. If you find the account using by the others illegally, inform us immediately. We are not responsible for the illegal use of the account or password because of the negligence of the user.

When you are using our service, the server will record some information automatically, including the mobile phone number,IP,etc.

In cases below, Tsixi reveals your personal information according to your willing or rule of the law, and you will take the corresponding consequences:

  • with your authorization in advance ;
  • to provide you the product and the service required unless we reveal your personal information ;
  • according to the relative rules and law ;
  • according to relative government department ;
  • to protect the legal rights of Tsixi ;
  • you agreed to share the information with the third-party ;
  • you violated our service clauses or rules ;
  • We need provide your information to the company that stand for us supplying the product or service (these companies don’t have the right to use your identification information unless we inform you) .

Revise of the Privacy Policy:
Tsixi Tech Co.Ltd will revise the Privacy Policy constantly. We will inform the users if there is any change in the policy of the use of personal information.

Questions and Advices:
Please let us know if you have any other questions or advices. We devote ourselves to provide you a better experience and service under the premise of protecting your privacy.